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Volunteering In Ukraine

Hello my name is Greg I am 28 and a volunteer in Ukraine I have been in Ukraine since the beginning of March and have helped train over 3500 Ukrainians on basic combat I spent over a month on the front in Kharkiv and am back to training as the war continues the need for support grows even more when I saw what was happening on TV I knew I had to do something to help before leaving I had a good job and a beautiful truck and was in the process of restoring a house I had been working hard to purchase. When I left I gave up my job the possibility to own my own home and the ability to make payments on my truck. I understood these were possibilities and I was ok with that. I can always start over when I get home. What I am struggling with now is the ability to pay for transportation food housing and much needed supplies for the men I am training. My ability to help in Ukraine is becoming increasingly difficult I have spent all of my savings and would really appreciate any assistance you can offer. These donations will be used to help me eat pay for transportation, housing and the ability to come home in future.